Raising young muslims

Being a parent is a great blessing but it’s a greater responsibility. Children are a trust from Allah and we will be asked about their upbringing. Some points that will help raise our young Muslims are explained in this blog.

Spending more time with children is essential.  It is helpful to plan your day ahead.  Think about the things your child is interested about and plan activities accordingly.  It is better to leave other material things and find time to do these activities with your little one. Some parents think it is more important to work all the time so they have a lot of money and buy things for kids but what they don’t realize  is that kids crave for your time and attention.  The love and attention they get from you can nurture them into a better person who values life and it’s importance.  It’s not just the responsibility  of the mother but father should also pay attention  to their kids needs.  Both the parents should plan how they will spend their weekends with their children and teach them more about Islam. Go to local masjids and show them how you pray.

Talk to them and share your experiences, they will understand better.  When they get stuck they will always remember what you did in that type  of situation. Pray in front of them and they will copy you. Seeing you do good deeds they will follow your footsteps.

Most importantly  be your child’s best friend from young age.  Remind them your their friend and ask them about what they do. Share your daily activities  and ask them about theirs. Discuss how they feel about certain  things around them.

You need to respect each other.  Remember they copy you, if the parents are always bickering children will follow their footsteps.  Teach them to be thankful for everything they have been given by Allah and not to moan about things.

Last but not least make lots of dua. This is the most affective method to help them become better Muslims.  It is Allah who guides, and you can do your job sincerely as a parent.